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I specialize in website design and maintenance for small businesses, independent professionals, and non-for-profit organizations. The sites I build are modern, sophisticated and visitor-friendly. They are fully responsive, adapting automatically to display clearly and attractively on all devices, including smart phones, tablets, and computers.

I’ll build your website using the WordPress content management system (CMS), by far the most widely-used CMS on the internet. WordPress assures us both that all elements and features of your site is based on stable, secure, and state-of-the-art technology. And the friendly WordPress interface makes it easy for you to add or update content to your site, to keep your users coming back for more!

Here are a few of my website designs

A portfolio site for theatrical designer Meganne George. Includes image galleries of Meganne’s productions, as well as a contact form, an illustrated collection of reviews, and a custom-formatted resume.

This site is the development home for a tabletop roleplaying game system that has been evolving over the past several years. Complete rules for the game are available here for free.

This site is a hobby blog for tabletop gamers, and includes software and crafting tutorials, product reviews, and original product photography. I started this site as an extension of my hobby as well as an exploration of blogging and affiliate marketing.

Digital Photography

Top-quality images are a crucial element of successful website design. As a commercial photographer, I can create beautiful digital images to present your services, your business, or your organization in the most positive light.

Whether you need a professional headshot, a hero shot of your flagship product, or a visual tour of your business, I will produce the images your website demands. I’ll shoot at your location using the latest digital cameras and professional lighting equipment. We’ll review the photos throughout the shoot, so we both know we’re getting the images your site needs.

After the shoot, I’ll use digital imaging software to retouch or manipulate the images to your specifications, and to optimize them for display on the web. With a single, skilled professional building your site and producing the images it contains, you can be sure that all elements will be coordinated to best effect.

Editorial Services

An attractive photo or snappy title may draw a visitor to your website the first time, but it’s quality content that keeps her coming back again and again. The internet remains a text medium at its heart, so the copy on your site needs to be informative, entertaining, and engaging to attract and retain an ever-widening audience.

Whether you’re a professional author yourself, or would rather hand off your copywriting duties to a professional writer, I can provide the level of support you need to be sure your site’s content says exactly what you want it to say. So…how can I help you?


You know what you need to say, but you’re not sure how to say it. I can write copy for your website that matches your vision and conveys your message to your audience. And if you’re not sure what you want to say, I’ll help you figure that out, too!

As your copywriter, I’ll work from notes you give me, or which I take while we consult, to write original text for your website or project. You provide the idea, I’ll turn it into prose.


You’re writing your own text, but you want to make sure it’s the best it can be. I can serve as your editor throughout the writing process, helping you to outline and organize your content, clarify your meaning, and polish your prose to professional standards.

As your editor, I’ll guide you through every stage of the writing process. I’ll help you plan your content, then I’ll review and comment on each draft. And when we agree that it’s done, you’ll be confident it’s well done.

Copy Editing and Proofreading

Your text is written and you’re pretty happy with it. You just need a fresh set of eyes—preferably fussy ones—to be sure you didn’t miss anything. I’ll go through your text with a fine-toothed comb, finding and fixing any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation or word choice.

As your copy editor and proofreader, I’ll work with your finished copy, making sure it’s absolutely ready for prime time. It’s my job to look at your writing as a reader would, to find and fix any bugs that may have crept in.